Consultancy For Provision Of Accounting Services at Triggerise 2020
Career Kenya: Consultancy For Provision Of Accounting Services at Triggerise 2020
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Triggerise is a non-profit that motivates users – primarily young women and adolescent girls – to make positive choices. We use nudges like reminders, discounts, in person and digital follow-ups, and reward points to encourage our users to access and use healthy products and services. We also support them in becoming entrepreneurs and adding v…

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Background information

Triggerise is registered in Kenya under the Kenya Companies Act with a Certificate of Registration Number PVT/2016/025180 dated September 16th, 2016 as a subsidiary of Triggerise BV. Triggerise Kenya Limited has its main office in Nairobi but carries out its operations in various counties in the Republic of Kenya.

Triggerise Kenya Ltd undertakes activities which are largely considered to be a charity in nature, Triggerise Kenya Ltd is in the process of registration as an NGO in order to comply with its core activities.

We are therefore seeking the services of an accounting consultant with sound NGO accounting experience to professionally advise and undertake the below-listed roles to the organization for a period of one year.


  1. Preparing monthly payroll and issuing payslips to staff and advise on a change in the tax regulations relating to payroll.

  2. Managing I-tax platform for Triggerise, ensuring all tax liabilities are filed within the stipulated period & issuing P9 slips annually.

  3. Submitting monthly returns to the statutory bodies – NHIF, NSSF, NITA, PAYE, & withholding tax.

  4. Periodic Tax Compliance reviews on reporting and payments highlighting tax exposures identified & recommending ways of addressing the risks identified.

  5. Assistance in Annual Audit for the payroll and other statutory compliance-related issues.

  6. Handling expatriates tax issues & work permit renewal.

  7. Renewal of the business license and city council compliance Business trading license, Fire license

  8. Carry out company secretarial services of filing the financial statements with the NGO coordination board.


The qualified firm should exhibit the following:

  • Demonstration of experience and expertise of similar assignment with similar organizations by availing a company profile.
  • Providing an activity plan (project plan) of actions to achieve the objectives of the assignment, specifying budgeted hours, timelines and sequence for its consultancy procedure and level of staff to be assigned;
  • Incorporating CV’s of the proposed professional staffs of the core management team proposed for the engagement and the authorized representative submitting the proposal. CVs should demonstrate relevant experience of dealing with similar assignment within organizations similar to Triggerise.
  • List of current and past clients where the bidder carried a similar assignment along with the name of the organization, contact person, designation, and a contact number, nature of the consulting services and length of the appointment for at least two (2) International non-governmental organizations.
  • Registration Certificate
  • Have relevant professional credentials
  • Tax Compliance Certificate.
  • Other relevant Certificates.


Proposals will be evaluated in two parts.

  1. The technical proposal weighted at 70%

  2. Financial proposal weighted at 30%

Proposals should make clear about the relevant skills, experience and capacity of the participants involved in carrying out this assignment as per the provided SOW. It must contain the details of the proposed approach to be adopted in order to deliver the service in accordance with the SOW. Proposals should clearly indicate whether or not bid participants have the capacity to meet the requirements of the SOW and must be a registered firm in Kenya.

Functionality evaluation criteria

  1. Experience, Skills and Ability of consultant

This will include

  • Past experience in similar work of this nature.
  • Team member experience (accompanied by brief CV’s).
  • Bidders’ track record.
  • The ability of the bidder to fulfil the requirements

Weight: 30

  1. Technical Approach and Execution

Proposals must contain the details of the proposed approach to be adopted in order to deliver the service in accordance with the TOR.

Bidder must allocate Senior Staff member for this engagement. The proposal should contain a work plan, showing tasks and timelines. Did the bidder submit clear proposed timelines for this engagement?

Weight: 30

  1. References

Did the bidder submit at least three relevant and contactable clients that were serviced in the past 36 months.

Weight: 10

  1. Capacity

Proposals should clearly indicate whether or not bid participants have the technical capacity to meet the requirements of the TOR based on the previous value of similar works done.

Weight: 30



The fees for the consultancy services should be quoted separately, payment will be in accordance with a detailed budget breakdown as submitted through the proposal, and invoices will be expected from the consultant prior to payment.


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