8 Common Myths About Advanced Excel 2022
Career Kenya: 8 Common Myths About Advanced Excel 2022
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Advanced Excel has quickly emerged as a staple for all office and professional environments, to record and analyze data, presentation, pivot tables and so on.  However, to some, Excel has a reputation of being difficult to perfect, or even hard to understand.

Here are some common misconceptions of Excel;

It’s difficult to learn

Perhaps the biggest myth when it comes to Excel is that it’s hard to master with an endless number of options and calculations. As with any other skill set or expertise, repetition and practice is needed to learn and master it.

If you are keen on gaining some advanced excel skills, then taking up a practical advanced excel course is the perfect place to start!

It’s all about numbers

No, it’s not, excel has a lot to offer! Beyond the spreadsheets and tables, it provides the tools to capture and display your information, which will make your data more attractive and easier to interpret than before. These include:

Forecasting allows you to project future outcomes from your previously inputted data

3D data maps can help you discover new insights from your data organizing it into geographic spaces, capturing screenshots and creating engaging videos.

You can also use charts and graphs to present your work in an organized manner which makes it easier to interpret.

Excel is for Accountants/Financial Experts

Every so often, I hear someone convey the sentiment that Excel is just for Accountants. That sentiment is the farthest from the truth. As long as data is involved then there is a need for using Excel. In the healthcare profession, it can be used to track patient intake and demographics.  In Engineering or in the Science field, it can be used to perform complex statistical analysis and carry out calculations as well.

I need to be good at math to understand it

This is not true. With the right knowledge and practice, anyone can be proficient in Advanced Excel. Don’t limit yourself!

I can do without it

Most people avoid learning excel because it was not a requirement. This is no longer the case, as the work place continues to evolve, employers now want candidates with proficient advanced excel skills.

If you want to secure that job or grow in your career, mastering Excel is needed.

I know enough

No matter how much someone knows about Excel, there is always an opportunity to learn something new. Be it a new way of applying this tool, new functions, add-ins or some of the challenges in the tool.  Don’t limit your knowledge, be open to learning something new any chance you get.

Excel is outdated and will die

Microsoft Excel has been actively used for almost 30 years. Though a past performance is no indicator of the future, we can place some degree of reliance that this software will continue to exist in the immediate future. One of the reasons why Microsoft Excel has replaced Lotus 1-
2-3 years ago was due to its simple design and user flexibility.

Excel can’t solve my work problem

Many people erroneously assume that this tool cannot solve their administrative challenges. Often that is due to a superficial knowledge on what Excel can really offer. Many breakthroughs and innovations arise from the uncommon applications of a common tool.

What you need to do next…..

If you are looking to extend your knowledge in Excel, then this hands-on advanced excel training is the best option for you!

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