Chef Based in Galu Beach near Diani Beach, South Coast 2022
Career Kenya: Chef Based in Galu Beach near Diani Beach, South Coast 2022
Employment vacancy : Today Recruitment Kenya

Chef  – male or female.
Location:  Galu Beach near Diani Beach, South Coast.
Employment: Permanent contracted position if an initial 1 month trial period is successful.

Applicants must have:
– completed a registered cooking course in the past 10 years.
– have at least 2 years experience working in a licensed cafe, restaurant or in a hotel serving with à la carte menu. References required.

The chosen candidate will show an intent and desire to develop and expand their knowledge of food in general, recipes and food preparation.

The chosen Chef will be working in a residential holiday/beach house and catering for groups, typically comprising 4 to 12 guests.
Meals to be provided may include breakfast, lunch and dinner or as requested by the guests, so the job involves devising, preparing and serving the meals that have been chosen in consultation with the guests.
The house is rented to guests on a self-catering basis, meaning that guests generally bring and provide their own food and beverages and ask the Chef to prepare meals from the provisions they have brought with them.

Chef should be able to present guests with options/menu for various meals. This will be done in advance to ensure the needed provisions are on hand/in stock ahead of time.
Because guests may stay for. say, a week, providing them with a variety of meals across the week is important.

Knowledge of, and observance of kitchen hygiene is critical. Potential applicants should present their certification documents.

Since the location is at Galu Beach (next to Diani beach) at south coast, seafood dishes are usually sought after by guests. Knowledge of appropriate recipes, and preparation of a wide variety of seafood dishes is therefore essential.
Knowledge of a wide variety of western or continental dishes and of some Indian dishes is also essential.  

Shopping is not part of the job, except that purchase of sea foods from the local fishermen and/or seafood vendors is necessary since guests generally come from either Nairobi or overseas and usually do not know how to purchase/choose fresh sea food from the fishermen or local vendors.
Where guests request other (non-seafood) shopping and the Chef agrees to do that shopping, that will be done as a private arrangement between the guests and the Chef. As an employer we do not offer our Chef as a gofer to go and do shopping other than for seafood.

Working hours are generally from 7.30am to 8.30pm 6 days a week. Occasionally these hours may vary.
Guests with young children may ask for an earlier breakfast time and in those cases the dinner time is usually also made earlier – meaning the hours are not longer but may start and finish earlier during the stay of a particular group of guests.
Chef will have 2 breaks during the day:
– after breakfast dishes have been cleared away and before commencing preparation of lunch;  and
– after lunch dishes have been cleared away and before preparation of the dinner.
Cleaning of all dishes, glassware and the kitchen itself are the Chef’s responsibility.

Since guests expect their meals each day while they are in the holiday house, where a Sunday or 7th day of any week is worked, the Off-Day (or days) will be accrued and taken at the first available gap between the guest bookings.  
There are busy periods and slow periods.  It may be that the Chef works for, say, 4 weeks without a break but then may get a whole week off.

Leave/Holidays:  3 weeks paid annual holiday is given, usually during the low season months of April (after Easter) or May.

Accommodation is not provided.

Salary:  Ksh 30,000/-  to 40,000/- base salary depending on experience.  Tips usually add 5k -10k per month to your income.

Environment:  the premises is a high quality holiday house. Personal presentation, personal hygiene and a friendly client manner are essential.  Flexibility is also important in order to meet the varying demands and needs of different client groups.

The above represents an outline of the job requirements and is not intended to be a contractual description of employment.


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