Project And Cost Accountant at MP Shah Hospital
Career Kenya: Project And Cost Accountant at MP Shah Hospital
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The position holder will be responsible for the generation of insights on projects, fund management, cost of care and competitiveness of service packages offered by the Hospital.
This shall be through:

  1. Maintaining accurate and up to date financial records on all grants and infrastructure projects;
  2. Tracking the associated cost of care and generating relevant insights
  3. Conducting periodic reviews of service packages offered by the M.P Shah Hospital, relative to the market and patient needs.
  4. Designing proposed packages to drive responsiveness and competitiveness of the hospital.

Key Responsibilities & Duties:
Project Accounting and Reporting:

  1. Generate and provide insights for decision making around infrastructure projects by preparing and maintaining accurate financial records and reports on all infrastructure and donor-funded projects ran by the M.P Shah Hospital. The position holder shall also be responsible for the accounting of funds and grants to promote transparency and aid in future fund-raising endeavours that ultimately results in affordable patient care.

Project Cost Management:

  1. Contribute to optimal project costing by coordinating with the accounts payables functions to plan for all payments for efficient liquidity management, financing costs management, budget adherence and to prevent unnecessary project delays that would have cost implications to the M.P Shah Hospital.

Cost of Care:

  1. Directly inform the delivery of affordable care by the M.P Shah Hospital by actively tracking all input costs (direct and indirect) associated with inpatient and outpatient service delivery within the hospital (including its channels and campuses) and generate insights on potential areas of improvement in the hospital considering observed trends.

Care Packages:

  1. Drive affordability and market competitiveness of the care packages offered by the M.P Shah Hospital by periodically collecting and reviewing the feedback from patients, caregivers, payers, and relevant M.P Shah Hospital staff on the structure of existing care packages, to improve the offerings and remain competitive in the market. The position holder shall then be responsible for the (re)design and costing of proposed care packages in consultation with relevant stakeholders and compliance with legal & quality standards for the hospital.

Protection of the Hospital’s Assets:

  1. Contribute to the protection of the Hospital’s asset and brand perception by sharing insights on potential risk areas from the review of the costs of care, project costs and the accounting for funds and grants to the hospital. The position holder shall also comply with set internal controls, risk management protocols in the execution of their functions.

Developing Self and Others:

  1. Drive continuous development of self and colleagues in the organisation by enrolling in career and personal development courses/ programme, actively sharing lessons and insights with the rest of the finance team from personal experiences, and engaging with the line manager regularly for feedback on performance.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, or any other related field.
  2. Professional qualifications from either CPA-K or ACCA.
  3. A minimum of two years experience as a cost accountant or project accountant.
  4. Experience fund/ grant accounting and working in the healthcare industry will be an added advantage.

Note: Never pay for any training, certificate, assessment, or testing to the recruiter.


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