Technical Operations Manager at COSEKE 2022
Career Kenya: Technical Operations Manager at COSEKE 2022
Employment vacancy : Today Recruitment Kenya

Position Level: Senior Management

Position Code: TOM

Department: Technical

Reports to:  Country Manager

Job Summary

This role is to develop and manage the technical operations of the Technical Department. Lead in achieving COSEKE’s key results areas (KRAs) relating to Technical Operations; Operational Leadership, Technical Operations and Development, Research and Innovation, Office Automation, Pre-Sales, Clients Support and people management.

This role is also to provide professional and efficient customer service to all COSEKE business partners, clients, suppliers and employees.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Technical Operations and Development
    1. Oversee the technical operations and development of hardware, software and web application projects.
    2. Provide technical direction for the development, design, and systems integration from the definition phase through to implementation.
    3. Ensure that all IT systems are robust, available, effective, and secure.
    4. Apply significant knowledge of technology industry trends and developments to improve services, software, websites, and systems. 
    5. Lead the strategic development of COSEKE’s ICT strategy and think strategically about how to improve, optimize, and expand it to meet the goals and objectives of the Strategy to 2023.
    6. Coordinate all projects related to selection, acquisition, development, installation and implementation of all information systems projects (software development, hardware deployment, maintenance and support of IT systems) and make appropriate recommendations to the Head of Service Delivery and Management.
    7. Provide advice to the Head of Service Delivery on evaluation, selection, implementation and maintenance of information systems projects, ensuring appropriate investment in strategic and operational systems and customer satisfaction. Evaluate information systems projects to measure their success.
    8. Review all hardware and software acquisition and maintenance contracts, soliciting involvement and participation of other management team members as appropriate. 
    9. Recommend corporate policies and standards aimed at maximizing effectiveness and minimizing costs related to the acquisition, implementation and operation of information systems projects.
    10. Monitor the approved annual operating and capital budgets for Technical Department in conjunction with the Human Resources and Finance Managers.
    11. Maintain knowledge of the latest technology, equipment, and terms of service agreements to minimize the financial investment required to meet established service levels. 
    12. Evaluate alternatives, perform appropriate cost benefit analysis, and recommend solutions that maximize effectiveness and minimize costs commensurate with acceptable risks.
    13. Oversee relationships with vendors for service and support of all information systems and technologies. Maintain and document system errors or defects.
  2. Operational Leadership
    1. Create and execute systems development plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements. 
    2. Keep Country Manager well informed of status of development effort and serve as liaison between technical staff and Senior Management. 
    3. Oversee the systems development lifecycle and manage the technical risks throughout all on-going projects. 
    4. Manage technical and other resources within budget and systems development project schedules.
    5. Oversee the high-level project management of systems development and technical operations of the various COSEKE hardware and software products and web applications produced within the various sub-teams and ensure that both the development work and the day-to-day operations are running smoothly.
    6. Play a significant role in short- and long-term planning with other senior Management Team members.
    7. Planning and management of budgets related to technical operations and delivery of hardware, software and web application projects.
    8. Liaise with other relevant COSEKE sister companies, partners, and external vendors as needed in relation to technical operations matters.
    9. Advise the head of service delivery on the best use of project management disciplines and approaches within a fast-paced tech environment.
    10. Ensure that systems are in place to track and report on IT system performance including KPIs on hardware systems uptime, website and web application uptime and performance, and security.
    11. Communicate complex technical information to non-technical people in a comprehensible form.
    12. Identify improvements to the operational systems, processes, and policies in support of the technical department and COSEKE’s mission.
    13. Facilitate the development and acceptance of the Project Objectives and Business Case
    14. Define system development project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders
    15. Develop comprehensive project plans that cover all project-related areas such as scope management, time management, risk management, quality management 
    16. Develop and manage a project budget that is approved by key stakeholders
    17. Manage and control the project in line with project and budget plans developed
    18. Execute a successful handover of project outputs into the relevant support area of the business
    19. Facilitate the transition of the project into the benefits realization stage and support phase.
    20. Effectively apply the best project management Frameworks/methodologies and enforce ISO project quality standards.
  3. Leads and manages a high-performing team.
    1. Recruit and select high performers, develop talent and then recognizes and reward performance in coordination with the Head of Human Resources and Administration.
    2. Improve communication skills and capability of Technical Team.
    3. Ensure Technical department work with other departments to deliver timely and informative reports.
    4. Motivate the technical team by effectively communicating goals, performance expectations (KPIs), policies, and procedures and ensuring staff are suitable trained or skilled to meet the demands of their roles and hold them accountable.
    5. Drive high performance in the team through managing and coaching the team, prioritizing work to meet outcomes, monitoring workloads, reviewing performance, and providing quality feedback to staff and senior management.
    6. Develop a positive attitude within and across the department
    7. Develop teamwork within and across the department
    8. Ensure effective succession planning and delegation.
    9. Facilitates regular team meetings to discuss issues, share knowledge, share achievements, provide training and direction
  4. Innovative Design
    1. Plan for technical team development to ensure that they remain up to date with new technologies, understanding their benefits and issues.
    2. Use gained skills to come up with innovative designs that provide clear benefits to customers.
    3. Extend the functionalities of COST products we support.
    4. Develop own software applications e.g. EDMS, E-COMMERCE, SCHOOL APPLICATIONS, INSURANCE APPLICATIONS, FINANCIAL APPLICATIONS etc. ready for demos and/or selling.
    5. In conjunction with the Heads of other departments, contribute to the development of the vision and strategy of COSEKE in relation to technology and services, and ensure that COSEKE develops and implements high-quality, user-friendly products and systems.
    6. Career growth at Coseke is defined by you. We encourage and support continuous knowledge acquisition and self-drive for our employees.


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