Vacancies in Java House, Kenya 2020
Career Kenya: Vacancies in Java House, Kenya 2020
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From a single branch in Nairobi in 1999 to more than 50
branches in East Africa and around 1,800 staff today, Java House is on the move
— and we would like you to join us on our journey.We are always looking for
drivers to join our team.
Driving company vehicles for goods, staffs transportation and documents

Key Responsibility Areas
• Collection of supplies and delivery of goods/documents to designated

• Ensuring proper confirmation and documentation of goods in transit.
• Ensuring vehicle is always maintained in good condition by safe driving and
reporting maintenance issues on time.
• Observing rules and regulation on motor vehicle handling when driving.
• Maintaining proper records by filing log books on attended site.

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities
• Must have a valid driving license with the relevant class.
• Must have at least a KCSE certificate with a minimum C grade.
• Minimum 5 years driving experience in a commercial set up.
• Knowledge on Traffic Rules and Regulations.
• Updated certificate of Good conduct.
• Letter of recommendation from the company worked.
• Good driving skills
• Good written and verbal communication skills
• Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
• Able to work well with other colleagues.
• Computer and mechanical Knowledge.
The role of a Quality Control team member is to protect the
consumer from defective products and Foodscape from damage to its reputation
due to inferior manufacturing processes. He/ She uses a series of checks and
measures to ensure that a product or process conforms to the standard method or
specification. The objective is to minimize the risk of in-process defects, or
out of spec products reaching the intended customer. Such checks are rigorously
structured and act as a pre-determinant to the following intended step in the
process. Members of the quality control team have the authority to reject
products or production based on unsatisfactory results based on objective (and
on occasion subjective) measures.

These may include (but not limited to):
• Temperature
• Weight
• Size
• Color
• Texture
• Taste
• Foreign body contamination
• Chemical contamination
• Missing or tampered process documentation
• Performs duty with a minimum amount of supervision and is responsible for
effectively planning his or her time during the shift
• Reviews the production schedule for the day, works with the planner to
understand where he/she should be positioned to capture all relevant processes
or product checks and measurements.
• Ensure all production is being carried out in line with Quality Control,
HACCP requirements, operating procedures including visual inspections audits,
QC line checks as required.
• Uses a series of tools (ingredient specifications, product recipes/formulas,
product specifications, manufacturing procedures, sampling program, GMP
requirements, in-process analysis/records and devices to check process
or product condition and compares to standard to compare actual versus
tolerable limits.
• Uses a pre-determined decision matrix to ensure that the optimum decision is
made with the minimum level of escalation when out of tolerance results are
• Be part of the sensory panel to conduct organoleptic analysis at a specified
frequency to maintain consistency and establish corrective actions to prevent
recurrence & continuous improvement programs.
• Uses a pre-determined range of process and product checks that must be
followed to ensure all product and compliance checks are conducted. Failure to
do so is in itself a non-conformance that will prevent the process or product
from continuing to the next stage.
• Acts as an independent body from the manufacturing team, and engages as if he/she
was the eyes of the final customer to ensure consistency and integrity
• Uses documentation or digital means to record checks and measures.
• Authorized to quarantine ingredients, products or a process should any such
checks and measure yield out of limit results.
• Continuously monitor product quality at all stages of the raw material
intake, packing, positive release, and dispatch process.
Reporting and Evaluation
• Completes checks and measures against predetermined scope, completes documentation
during each activity
• Refers to the specific product or process name, work order number and
decision at each level being pass or fail.
• Escalates failed processes or products immediately to shift manager and
quality supervisor on duty, citing details and reasons for such quarantine.
• No budgeting undertaking or responsibilities
• Food science-based degree or Diploma from a recognized institution
• 2 years working in a QC related position in an FMCG environment
• Computer literate
• Qualification or experience in ISO 22000/HACCP
• Ability to work at heights
• Ability to work in night shifts for up to 20% of the time on duty
Establishing a viable account and activity plans
• Strong computer skills, proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
• Strong oral and written communication skills.
• Strong organizational skills.
• Highly analytical, able to determine probable root cause and implement
• Works well within a matrix structure
• Able to question decisions made by the team or line manager when not to do
son may result in a negative outcome
• Strong attention to detail, seeks out information that helps deliver the
section targets
• Demonstrates strong safety awareness at all times


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